About Suzanne

Playing “Now The Day is Over” on the Leaky, and Battered High School Issue Tenor Horn forty years ago, just wasn’t working for me.

Kraftwerk, and Gary Numan were filling the airwaves with incredible sounds, from amazing looking instruments. I didn’t know what they were, but I knew I wanted one.

Instead of practicing the Tenor Horn, I frequently chose to play my favourite keyboard parts from OMD, and Kraftwerk on the ancient family heirloom upright Piano. I discovered that it doesn’t matter how long you keep the Sustain pedal pressed on our ancient Family Piano, it was never going to sound like a epic reverb on a Synth.

Sadly my request for a Moog, was turned down by the Head of the School Music Department, and instead Father Christmas delivered a Stylophone MK. 1.

It was a start, and Electronic Music has been part of my Life ever since…….

I’ve been inspired by the many Synth Video Channels that I spend far too much time watching, alas I don’t have the skills, technology, or confidence to produce a video, but as I have spent decades writing for various publications and news outlets, I am more than happy to share my passion on WordPress 🙂