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Still Happening ?

Far too much time has elapsed since I sat down with this Blog.

It would be so very easy to blame everything else that is happening in the world for the lack of progress towards my vision of a Busselton Synth Festival. Instead I will hold up my hand and say that my conflicting priorities have resulted in slipping timelines.

So is it still happening ? Of course !!! I’m not giving up, but things might look very different, and the genesis of Synths By the Sea will be smaller, and slower that I hoped.

On Saturday last week I spent some time with someone currently building an interactive Art Experience that will open in Fremantle. I am really hoping that this incredibly creative space will form the venue for our first Synths By the Sea event.

This is an exciting prospect, and I can’t wait to share with you what this will look like. It really is an exciting Project, and Will and Gaetan are doing a remarkable job in putting together something unique, and spectacular.

This evening, I am taking part in a Perth event called NoizeMaschin. This evenings event is I believe being Live Streamed for the first time, which has given me the opportunity to join a number of other local artists and take part in NoizeMaschin #125.

Join us here : – NoizeMaschin125

Have a great evening.. – Suzanne

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