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Moving Forwards

It has been a while, since I posted. However work on the Synths By The Sea event, has been quietly chugging along in the background. An outline plan for the weekend event now exists, and some initial enquiries into venues, and permissions for public spaces, have been completed.

I’ve connected with a couple of local Synth musicians who have expressed an interest in performing. The Sunset Synth Jam, an open session by the Busselton Jetty is going to be a real highlight. There is still much work to do, but the Synths By the Sea Festival is taking shape, and I’m looking forwards to sharing the details with you in the coming months.

The COVID situation has obviously complicated matters, and for this reason, no dates have yet been set. Scheduling a date for any event like this, whilst Australia, and the rest of the Planet are living through the chaos of a Pandemic, is a complicated process. It’s going to be a process that involves some degree of risk, and a large amount of good fortune, but I am working on it.

This coming weekend, I have a fantastic opportunity to share my vision for the event, with Dominic Hawken, aka ”Mr. Wiggly”, a well respected, industry professional, who runs a weekly broadcast to Synth and Music enthusiasts. This conversation will hopefully kick start some interest in the Project across the Synth Community, both here, and Internationally.

This is a fantastic opportunity, but it comes with some challenges. I’m not looking forwards to staying up till 02:00 a.m, given how much I hate having my photo taken, I’m also going to struggle sitting in front of a Camera for an hour.

All this said, I am very keen to chat to Dominic, and take part in his show. I’m also pretty excited about the chance to take part in what is billed by Mr. Wiggly, as “The Best Quiz on the Internet.” I won’t spoil it here, please listen in, but any Quiz where Telepathy is a more important attribute than knowing who had a number one hit in 1973 definitely gets my Vote…

Check out Mr. Wiggly’s site here, where you can read about his Plugins and also find links to his YouTube Channel.

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1 thought on “Moving Forwards

  1. HI Suzanne, Loved seeing you on Dom’s show tonight. It was a such good fun. Really hope the Synths by the Sea thing works out for you. I take part in a synth based live stream every Saturday on Ranzee’s channel. I am fairly sure that he’s also in WA, in Perth. I think we should give this project a bit of a plug.
    Hope things are well with you.
    Andy Brooks (The lad who lost his front teeth in Armthorpe Sports Centre – playing squash!)

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