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Soundcloud ? Bandcamp ?

One of the things I am keen to achieve with my Blog is sharing some of the Sounds, and Music I am creating.

At present I am a little perplexed as to the best method of achieving this.

If anyone has any ideas for the best means of sharing Music and Sounds, preferably in a way that is easy to integrate with WordPress please let me know.

I’m no stranger to Technology, but the Audio world seems to exist in a realm well above my understanding of Relational Databases and Operating Systems.

Your thoughts and suggestions are very welcome….


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1 thought on “Soundcloud ? Bandcamp ?

  1. I prefer bandcamp. It’s more like a record label. Soundcloud used to be great to create community but they removed the groups function.
    In terms of Spotify and other streaming services it’s easiest to sign up toa distribution service.

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