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Voltage Research Lab

Pittsburgh Modular Eurorack Synth For Deep Exploration

This week I have been completely absorbed by the Voltage Research Lab (VRL) from Pittsburgh Modular. Several hours of intense patching, slipped by very easily, when all I intended to do was to turn it on, and warm it up….

Purchasing this instrument wasn’t an easy decision to make, but since it came out of the Box I have not regretted it.

My aspirations to own a Buchla Music Easel led me to the VRL. Down here in the remote South West of Australia, we are not exactly falling over piles of unused Music Easels…

So to scratch a serious “West Coast” itch, I started to look into the VRL. This is a very well equipped Eurorack compatible unit. In a gorgeous Pittsburgh Modular case. It has a complex oscillator, a Secondary oscillator, and there are a couple of Buchla inspired Low Pass Gates. All this, as well as a couple of very flexible Function Generators, Random CV generator(s), a heap of patch points, and a keyboard of sorts in the form of the decidedly non mainstream Pittsburgh Modular touch pad.

The VRL ticked enough my boxes to get me reading the online manuals, and watching a plethora of interesting videos showing the VRL in action, on the Pittsburgh Modular YouTube Channel. In one of the videos, the Designers of the VRL talk about how they “Folded the Unfoldabe” giving the VRL access to some unique Timbral variations.

In the coming days I will be delving into this instrument and working hard to learn its subtle complexities.

I may even write a full review, so if you are interested keep your eyes peeled for that.

If I can work out how to do it, I’m also going to upload some sounds, and associated patches…

But in the meantime, I’ve still got a desk full of patch cables, and a Complex Oscillator just begging for a some attention.

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