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It’s too late, I took the Blue Pill, and my first Modules and a stunning wooden case are currently, or should I say. hopefully, in the process of being carefully packed, and shipped.

Of course this was not an impulsive decision. It’s a purely practical conclusion, largely down to space. The Pittsburgh Modular VRL, would clearly benefit from a Quantiser in some situations. Moog is a Family, so the Subharmonicon is definitely going to want to be patched into the Mother32. How many Mults am I going to need, I better get lots. Lets not forget a Sequencer or three, including the fascinating looking Game Sequencer from Pittsburgh, and of course a “Maths”, I’m not quite sure why I need a Maths yet, or even if will be smart enough to use it, but everything I read about Eurorack mentions it, so there is one on the list.

All of these modules floating around on a desk would be a chaotic mess, so a nice clean vertical rack makes practical sense, I’m repeating this to myself on a regular basis. With a bit of luck, I should be believing myself by this time next week, when I am screwing the first modules into the case.

I’ve completed so much research into the immense number of available Euro Rack modules that I can hear how my first couple of patches will sound even before the last layer of brown tape has gone on the parcels 🙂

At the core of my planned System will be a Mother32 and a Subharmonicon, the possibilities whilst not endless, are as close to infinite as makes no difference for someone who is already the wrong side of 50 and therefore unlikely to ever run out of patching permutations 🙂

If you want me, I’ll be in my Modular space looking for an attenuator, I need to turn down this addiction before it takes hold.

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