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Where’s my 2600…

So my heart skipped a beat or twelve when I received an email telling me I was confirmed as being on the wait list to receive one of the new Korg Arp 2600 clones.

This was News beyond exciting. I’m not sure how many of the 2600 instruments Korg are making, but I know it is not many.

“We are going to look after you !” my now Ex Instrument Retailer told me. “You will have one, number five on our list of six.”

I was honestly not expecting to be able to secure one of these, and so it seems I was absolutely right.

The Dealer was for whatever reason overstating his ability to deliver. Despite repeated requests, and several phone calls, all I ever received was hollow promises.

Frustration has turned into acceptance, it would have been nice, but as a quick glance at any News Outlet will show, it’s really not the biggest thing to worry about right now.

Instead I’m going to build something. A huge, unique something, towering, powerful, versatile, and with a little bit of Personal Awesome that the 2600 could never have.

Then when my towering ‘Suzanne 2920’ is finished I’m going to make my own R2-D2 sounds…

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