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Subharmonicon Coming !

It is no secret that I am an immense fan of Bob Moog and his remarkable instruments. So today’s announcement from the Moog Company is Huge news for me.

A couple of years ago, at the Annual Moogfest, those ticket holders who had purchased the Moog Engineering Ticket were treated to a an opportunity to build their own Moog Synth. It was called the Subharmonicon, and ever since that weekend, enthusiasts across the Globe have been calling for Moog to release a production version…

It looks like they listened !

The Moog Subharmonicon will be the latest Synth to enter the Moog Semi Modular Family, along with the Mother32, and the quirky, but lovely, DFAM. As well as six oscillators the Subharmonicon will be a polyrhythmic synth, with complex “Divide Down” harmonic capabilities.

The Subharmonicon has its roots in a couple of historic instruments, the Trautonium and the Rhythmicon, both of which are fascinating in their own right, and well worth reading about.

Gaz Williams of Sonic State has produced this fantastic video, that I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve watched about half a dozen times.

I’m excited ! I have one on pre-order. The only down side, is this may take a while because I live a long way further South from the City that is widely regarded as the most isolated city in the world, which is both a good thing (COVID 19) and a little bit of a pain (Endless waiting)

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