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I’ve been a Roland Cloud member for a little while, it allowed me access to some of the Plug Out Instruments I wanted to use on my System 8.

This however is likely to change. The whole Roland Cloud Landscape is changing. The model is moving to a Tier based system, and based on press releases and website updates, It looks like many of the virtual instruments that are available to me currently, will be moved to the “Elite” or Top Tier of subscription.

Roland Cloud kind of made sense before this update, but now I’m not so certain. Their new virtual synth looks very powerful, but do I really want to pay so much per month for something I can’t ever own ?

A product that I used to occasionally use, is now going to go up in price, on a monthly basis, with zero benefits.

I need to do some Maths, but it doesn’t look good for Roland, which is a shame, because every now and then, the System 100 plug out was quite cool to play with…

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