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GEN-R8 Stylophone

The instrument that got me started with my Passion for Electronic Music, was a Dubreq Stylophone. I was less than Ten years old, which means that a significant period of time has elapsed between my first Stylophone and the delivery of latest version of this iconic little instrument. The Analogue Monophonic Synth – GEN-R8

Unboxing this latest incarnation from Dubreq was a bit of a Nostalgia trip for me…

My first impression was “Wow” , this thing is hefty. It’s a cliche, but it really is built like a Tank. The Chasis and construction that houses the Traditional Stylophone Metal Keypad is remarkably solid. The Knobs are however a little wobbly, but nothing I can’t live with.

So what is the Gen-R8 :-

It has, Two Voltage Controlled Oscillators, a Multi Mode 12 db Filter, An LFO, a Sample and Hold capability, 19 Patch Points, 16 Step Sequencer, Drive / Delay effects, and an ADSR Envelope Generator.

What all that means is this Stylophone is finally, a fully fledged grown up Synth, and it sounds Good. It’s really easy to dial in some very Dark and Gritty timbres. There is a unique quality to the sound of the Gen-R8 and I’m looking forwards to exploring it more, and seeing what can kind of chaos can be created when the Gen-R8 is patched into my Dreadbox modular gear.

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